Beginning your child’s journey into daycare can be a highly emotional time for both parents and children. It is natural to feel uncertain about how your child will transition into care and you may have mixed feelings about leaving your child in a new environment.  However you can rest assured that here at Maryland Care and Early Education Centre we consider you and your child’s needs to be an important part of the establishing our relationship with you and your family. Below are a few strategies we find effective for children commencing care.

  • Visit the centre several times before commencing care. Visiting at different times will let you observe different routines that occur throughout the day.
  • Ask questions there is no such thing as “a silly question”.
  • Try to remain calm during “drop offs”, children often sense when parents are unsure of a situation.
  • Take your child to one of their educators and deliver any relevant information for the day.
  • You are always welcome to stay as long as you like, however we find that short goodbyes often are less emotional for the child.
  • Ensure you say goodbye to your child and reassure them that you will return at a certain time i.e. after snack time.

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