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Empathy: is the ability to imagine how someone else is feeling in a particular situation and respond with care. Being able to empathise with another person means that a child: Understand that [...]


Why should my child learn a second language?


At Maryland Care and Early Education we promote the acquisition of a second language from age 3 years up to 5 years of age.   Our 3 year olds learn [...]

Why should my child learn a second language?2018-09-21T10:55:06+09:30

Am I good role model for my child’s healthy well being?


We all know the stats, more children, adolescents & adults are overweight than ever before. So what are we going to do about it, what can YOU do? Our hectic, [...]

Am I good role model for my child’s healthy well being?2018-09-21T10:54:36+09:30

Starting Childcare


Beginning your child’s journey into daycare can be a highly emotional time for both parents and children. It is natural to feel uncertain about how your child will transition into [...]

Starting Childcare2018-09-21T10:54:07+09:30

STEM in the Early Years


What is STEM? STEM stands for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics’. It is a term that excites some yet terrifies others. Introducing children to STEM concepts can begin from birth. There are [...]

STEM in the Early Years2018-09-21T10:53:44+09:30

Wet Weather Play


Let’s get wet! Let’s get creative! Let’s challenge our outdoor play possibilities! Outdoor play allows children endless amounts of engagement in an environment which tests them both physically and cognitively, [...]

Wet Weather Play2018-09-21T10:53:17+09:30

Centre Chef


Hello! My name is Libby and I am the centre chef. I am a qualified chef, wife and mother to 2 boys and have a passion for fun delicious food [...]

Centre Chef2018-09-21T10:52:46+09:30

Intentional teaching


As an early childhood educator there are many factors I take into account when I am developing my program for the children I work with. These factors include the child/rens [...]

Intentional teaching2018-09-21T10:52:16+09:30

The Power of Playdough


Ingredients 1 cup plain flour ½ cup salt 1 tbs cream of tartar 1 cup boiling water 1 tbs oil 3 drops liquid food colouring   Method Mix all ingredients [...]

The Power of Playdough2018-09-21T10:51:22+09:30

Fine motor skills and pre-writing skills


Pre-writing skills are essential for children to be able to develop the ability to hold and move a pencil fluently and effectively and therefore produce legible writing. Developing fine [...]

Fine motor skills and pre-writing skills2018-09-19T12:03:47+09:30
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