We all know the stats, more children, adolescents & adults are overweight than ever before. So what are we going to do about it, what can YOU do?

Our hectic, fast paced lifestyles leave us tired & time poor. There is always something to do, work to be done, places to go & bills to pay, & endless cycle that leaves us with little time for ourselves let alone our children & then I hear you say “food prep?”

No one wants to be overweight & much less have it happen to their children. But you have the power to keep your kids fit & healthy & they will have much more fun if you are a good role model & show them by ‘doing’.

Here are some tips for a fitter & healthier family.


  1. Lead by example

Show them that you work out & that it’s important to you. Whether you go to regular fitness classes or a walk or run around the block you are showing them that exercise is a priority. You will probably find that they will want to go with you. And if they do, put them in the pram or on their bike & go together. A walk down to the park or a ride around the block is much more beneficial than plonking yourself on the lounge with a wine while the kids play their iPad. Remember you are creating good habits that last well into their adult years.


  1. Plan workouts together & let them choose.

Getting the kids involved not only makes it exciting for them but they are more likely to do it. Focus on the fun factor & they will look forward to participating.


  1. Focus on your meals

All the activity in the world can’t out-do a bad diet. Poor nutrition is a contributing factor to many illnesses & diseases, especially in the early years but again the good news is you are in control & can instil good habits from leading by example. Clean up your own eating habits because lets face it, your children aren’t making the meals in the house.

Get them involved in food planning as they are more likely to eat food they have prepared or helped to cook. Keep sweets & treats to a minimum & explain that these foods are exactly that, treats & not part of daily meals.

Being fit & healthy from an early age will not only help your children physically but will also help them with focus & concentration as they head off to school. There are many reasons to keep on top of your childrens health. Being the person that inspires them to be active may be just the thing that inspires you to never stop once you start. Remember, health IS A PRIORITY & YOU are in control.