Management Committee

Maryland Care & Early Education Centre is a community based non-profit organisation, managed by a volunteer Management Committee. Becoming a committee member is a rewarding way to make a contribution to our service. It is a way to share your knowledge and expertise, gain valuable skills, expand your current network, meet other parents and make new friends, but, most importantly make a difference.

What makes a great committee member?

  • A team player with a positive attitude
  • A willingness to actively participate in Board Activities
  • A commitment to the Philosophy and Vision of MCEEC
  • Acts to support the positions of Director and Business Manager

What are my responsibilities a Committee Member?

  • To attend meetings
  • To contribute to the governance of the organisation
  • To support fundraising and social activities
  • To approve and monitor the annual operating budget
  • To input into the strategic direction of the organisation

What commitment do I have to make?

  • To attend 10 Meetings per annum (held on 3rd Monday of each month)
  • To commit to approx. 6 hours per month to attend and prepare for monthly meetings.
  • To serve on the committee for 1 Year


Commitee Positions


  • Facilitate the smooth running of management committee & meetings
  • Represent the service within the broader community
  • Provide leadership to the Board
  • Communicate regularly with other members of the board and the Director

Vice Chairperson

  • Assists the Chairperson in their duties and responsibilities and is required to act as Chairperson in their absence.


  • Ensures all monies due to the association is collected and received
  • Ensure all payments authorised by the association are made.
  • Ensure correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the association.
  • Table a monthly financial report at each committee member.

‘Being part of the MCEEC committee is a rewarding role and it’s an opportunity to take an extra interest in my child’s early education. I have been on the committee for 1 year, and was happy to take on any role to ensure a full committee was formed. This year as the Treasure, my role was supported by the Business Manager, now the centre is operating without a Business Manager my role involves the monthly preparation of financial reports and reading the report to the committee at monthly meetings.’
Hayley – MCEEC Treasurer


  • Distribute Agenda for Committee Meetings
  • Take minutes of proceedings at Committee Meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of Meetings

‘It was so lovely to be welcomed onto the committee by other parents of children attending the centre. It was interesting to learn more about other parents and how they give back to the centre to ensure that their children (as well as others) have access to a centre that is managed by amazing staff. I soon learnt that the staff dedicate their career to seeing babies grow into happy, healthy, confident children ready for their long term education placement and supporting parents through what is sometimes a very emotional journey. As the secretary on the committee, I assisted distributing agendas, reports and minutes to the committee and relevant centre staff. Keeping everyone on the same page is a meaningful role on the committee, and sharing some laughs over some of Libby’s amazing cooking was an added bonus.’
Megan – MCEEC Secretary

Public Officer

  • The Public Officer is the official contact point for the association and must keep a register of committee members
  • Notifies the Department of Fair Trading in regard to the Incorporated Association as appropriate.

‘I’ve been on the committee for 4 years and it has been very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes to keep our centre running. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of important decisions, learning new things and helping to improve our service.
The role of public officer is officially about being the contact point for the committee and representing the committee in any public meetings or to the media. But in practice there isn’t usually any special roles beyond being a regular committee member. ‘
Amanda – MCEEC Public Officer

Ordinary Member – 7 Positions Available

  • Contribute at monthly meetings
  • Provide advise & skill in area of expertise
  • Gather information, Investigate options, provide opinion

‘My name is Kathy, and I became a member of the Management Committee, at Maryland Care and Early Education Centre in April 2017.
My role, as an ordinary member, is to attend monthly committee meetings, special meetings ( as needed ), and committee training ( when required ).
I am involved in helping make decisions for the benefit of the centre, and this is very important to me, as I have a child who is attending the centre, and has been here for a year now. I feel privileged to be in this position, and enjoy being a part of this wonderful centre.’
Kathy – Committee Member

My name is Ashlea and my role on the committee is a “committee member” Although this role doesn’t entail as much responsibility as the executive roles, it still provides a great opportunity for me as a parent to be involved in my children’s education and care and contribute opinions on decisions about the service operation.
I wanted to be a part of the committee as I also work in the early childhood industry and I know how important this part of children’s development is and the importance of supporting one of the few remaining community operated childcare centres. Knowing the centre is not for profit I wanted to contribute to an organisation that I know provides quality care, education and experienced educators for my children whilst supporting my local community.
My role as a committee member includes contributing to decision making, being available to help with tasks such as interviewing of new staff, contributing to fundraising ideas and using my own knowledge to contribute ideas and suggestions to different topics that may arise. We all bring our own skill set, we can contribute in different ways.
This is my second year on the committee and so far, I have enjoyed my time getting familiar with the way the centre runs, the educators and their skills and getting to know other parents using the service. We all have a common goal and interest in promoting and supporting our children’s education and care centre and the important part it plays in our community.
Ashlea – Committee Member