Play is at the heart of our curriculum as it is through play and interactions with others that children explore the world around them, challenge thinking and build upon skills and interests. Play clothes are a must, as we love to explore sand, water, mud, dough, goo and more wondrous materials with all of our senses and often get messy in the process!

Our curriculum is based upon the National Early Years Learning Framework and we aim to sustain high quality in each quality area and drive continuous improvement and consistency in our education and care service.

Our rooms are divided into learning centres (literacy and language, construction, drama, creative, cognitive, manipulative and sensory). We follow the children’s ideas and interests, changing and adding materials to learning centres to build upon knowledge and skills while allowing children to revisit previous experiences and feel secure knowing where favourite activities are. The value of children’s play, their work, discoveries, exploration and learning is celebrated in meaning documentation and classroom displays.

We use the ‘project approach’ to learning as we research and build our knowledge on topics of interest and also program using Harvard University psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.

We value the learning that occurs through play and ‘hands-on’ discovery. Each day children will have opportunities to discover, wonder, experiment, hypothesise, challenge, create and grow in a supportive and safe environment. Wearing ‘play’ clothes is essential for the busy days your child will have at Maryland Care and Early Education Centre!