Cooinda room

Cooinda – an Aboriginal name meaning ‘happy place’

Our pre-school room is staffed by four qualified and highly experienced educators specialising in the creation of pre-school and transition to school programs. Educators aim to ensure that your child has developed positive self-esteem, confidence, independence and a love of learning before they begin the transition to formal schooling.

Cooinda caters for a maximum of 25 children and the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of your inquisitive, imaginative and enthusiastic pre-schooler. Social experiences and group work are a focus as we create learning centres that allow your child to self-select materials to enhance their current interests, work co-operatively with peers on group projects and engage in small group interactions. Provisions are made for moments of tranquillity and solitude, thought and reflection, collaboration and teamwork, exploration and movement.

The Cooinda room is a place that promotes curiosity and wonder about the world; a place to rekindle old friendships and create new ones; a place that allows the children to develop their skills and interests at their own pace; a place to learn from each other and share knowledge with friends and teachers; a place to dream, imagine and create; a place of laughter and fun; and a place to share stories about family and feel proud of achievements.

In Cooinda we also begin to focus on ‘school readiness’. Self-help skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, early literacy, attention span, following directions, early numeracy and task perseverance are some of the skills needed for a successful school transition. Please let staff know if your child will attend primary school the following year so they can pass on more information regarding the transition to formal schooling.

Working together as a group and refining social skills are a focus of the Cooinda room. Throughout each and every day we provide learning experiences that not only challenge your child academically but also foster the skill of working/playing co-operatively with friends and teachers. This includes skills such as turn taking, negotiating, leadership, communicating, problem solving, collaboration, conflict resolution and forming and maintaining friendships.

We value family contributions to our program. Sharing stories about special events, holidays, achievements and family allow us to create a link between pre-school and your child’s home life, while also developing your child’s confidence, self-esteem, social skills and feeling of belonging. We invite you to stay and play and come and teach us something new!

Here is a list of the things we will require your child to bring along to pre-school:

What you will need to bring each day in a bag or backpack:

  • Sheets for rest time (cot sheets are the perfect size)
  • Blanket if cool
  • Multiple changes of clothes appropriate to the weather, especially if your child is toilet training!
  • Broad brim hat or legionnaire style hat all year round
  • Water bottle
  • Any special items your child may need (cuddly toy, special blanket, bottle, dummy etc)

Please remember to clearly label everything with your child’s name.