Intentional teaching


As an early childhood educator there are many factors I take into account when I am developing my program for the children I work with. These factors include the child/rens [...]

Intentional teaching2018-09-21T10:52:16+09:30

The Power of Playdough


Ingredients 1 cup plain flour ½ cup salt 1 tbs cream of tartar 1 cup boiling water 1 tbs oil 3 drops liquid food colouring   Method Mix all ingredients [...]

The Power of Playdough2018-09-21T10:51:22+09:30

Fine motor skills and pre-writing skills


Pre-writing skills are essential for children to be able to develop the ability to hold and move a pencil fluently and effectively and therefore produce legible writing. Developing fine [...]

Fine motor skills and pre-writing skills2018-09-19T12:03:47+09:30