Buy and sell days

MCEEC has a system that has been designed to offer parents a little more flexibility with the use of their child care. It offers you the opportunity to ‘sell’ your days to another family when you know you will be away. Conversely, if you need more care at a particular time and another family is ‘selling’ their days while away, you can ‘buy’ these days. This system works in relation to planned leave only. i.e. you can only sell a day on which you plan to be away and you can only buy a day that is being sold. The system does not work for children away sick.

The buy/sell form needs to be completed, signed and placed in the fees box for processing with a minimum of two week’s notice to sell days.


Buy and sell days form


Parent name:

Name of child/ren:

Day/s your child/ren attend:

I am buying days. The dates I would like to purchase are:

I am selling days. The dates I would like to sell are:

I confirm that I am happy to to buy/sell the above listed day/s. I am aware that there are no guarantees those days will be available to buy or that they will be sold. I will notify MCEEC as soon as possible if there are any changes in my circumstances. I understand that if my requested days cannot be sold, I will still incur fees as normal.