Buddina room

Buddina – an Aboriginal name meaning ‘sunbeam’

Our Buddina room accommodates a maximum of 15 children per day between the ages of two years and three years. Three dedicated educators in this room create a stimulating and exciting environment for your active toddler. Play and your child’s interest are at the heart of our curriculum as we create language rich environments to cater for children’s blossoming communication skills.

Children in our Buddina room are encouraged to actively explore and engage with our learning environments as we foster the development of social skills and friendships. Paint, mud, sand play and play dough are just some of the hands-on learning experiences your child will enjoy in the Buddina room.

Buddina is a place where we foster each child’s curiosity and wonder about their world; a place where we learn the value and beauty of friendship; a place that allows each child to develop their skills and interests at their own pace; a place to dream, imagine and create; a place to learn from each other and share knowledge with friends and teachers; a place of laughter and fun; a place to share stories about family and feel proud of our achievements.

We value parent contributions to our program. Sharing stories and photos about special events, holidays, achievements and family allow us to create a link between pre-school and your child’s home life, while also developing your child’s confidence, self-esteem, sense of belonging and social skills. We invite you to stay and play, join us for lunch or to just drop in.

What you will need to bring each day in a bag or backpack:

  • Sheets for rest time (cot sheets are the perfect size)
  • Blanket if cool
  • Multiple changes of clothes appropriate to the weather, especially if your child is toilet training!
  • Broad brim hat or legionnaire style hat all year round
  • Water bottle
  • Any special items your child may need (cuddly toy, special blanket, bottle, dummy etc)

Please remember to clearly label everything with your child’s name.

Arrival procedure

  1. Sign in your child using the record in the foyer
  2. Apply an allergy wristband if required
  3. Complete the Buddina day chart in the room
  4. Ask your child to find their name/photo and place it on a locker of choice
  5. Place bag and sleep bag in locker
  6. Apply sunscreen if you didn’t do so at home
  7. Allow your child to place their labelled water bottle in the labelled trolley
  8. Place hat on your child ready for outside play
  9. Take your child to an educator once you are ready to leave
  10. Chat to staff about how your child is, as well as any other important information they may need to know
  11. Always say goodbye to your child when leaving
  12. Have a great day and remember you can call anytime to check how your child is going

Departure procedure

  1. Sign out your child using the record in the foyer
  2. Have a look at the Buddina sign-in chart for information about your child’s day
  3. See what your child has been up to during the day by looking at the daily slideshow
  4. Assist your child in collecting their belongings
  5. Collect your child
  6. Inform a Buddina staff member of your departure