If you take a moment to think back to your childhood did you have that one book that you would request over and over again, do you have fond memories of curling up on a grandparent’s lap whilst they read to you or maybe you would snuggle up in bed surrounded with your favourite books and ask for “just one more”.

There are so many reasons why reading and storytelling is important for children and why it is essential that it be embedded in everyday routine.

Reading and sharing stories can:

  • Spark your child’s imagination and encourage curiosity
  • Further develop early literacy skills, getting to know a variety of sounds, words and language
  • Allow your child to immerse themselves into another world, learning the difference between ‘real’ and ‘make believe’
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Help your child learn how to care and demonstrate respect for books
  • Allow children to learn about difficult topics and concepts, providing examples they can relate too
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Allow children to explore rhythm, rhyme, repetition, tone and expression

At MCEEC we incorporate reading and sharing/telling stories into our daily program. The children have the opportunity to partake in structured language group experiences as well as access a large variety of books and other resources which help enrich their language development and promote active listening, communication skills as well as encourage their imagination and creativity.

We hope you have gained a little inspiration and are ready to get reading. Some libraries in the local area are now open so pop in for a visit or if you are looking to update your book collection at home check out your nearest book store and support small businesses within our community.

Happy Reading!


For further information check out the following links:

Newcastle Libraries https://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/Library/Home


MacLean’s Booksellers

69 Beaumont Street, Hamilton NSW 2303