Amaroo room

Amaroo – an Aboriginal name meaning ‘beautiful place’

A team of four educators provides the highest quality care for your little one in our Amaroo room. We accommodate a maximum of 12 children per day aged between six weeks and two years.

Play, nurturing and meeting physical needs such as eating and sleeping form the basis of our day. We endeavour to follow each child’s individual routine as close as possible to the one that works best for you at home.

Throughout your baby’s day at Maryland Care and Early Education Centre they will be provided with a range of stimulating experiences and activities that allow them to actively explore both our indoor and outdoor learning environments. Our environment is designed and equipped with your child in mind to ensure they feel secure and ‘at home’ in our environments.

What you will need to bring each day in a bag or backpack:

  • Bag or backpack
  • Set of cot sheets
  • Multiple changes of clothes appropriate to the weather
  • Broad brim hat or legionnaire style hat all year round
  • Milk bottle if required
  • Water bottle
  • Dummies or comforters

Arrival procedure

  1. Sign in your child using the record in the foyer
  2. Apply an allergy wristband if required
  3. Complete your child’s day sheet
  4. Make your child’s bed
  5. Apply sunscreen if you didn’t do so at home
  6. Put water bottle into basket
  7. Place milk bottle clearly labelled in the blue basket in the bottle preparation area
  8. Place bag and belongings into designated locker
  9. Place hat on your child ready for outside play
  10. Join peers and educators for family grouping
  11. Always say goodbye to your child when leaving
  12. Have a great day and remember you can call anytime to check how your child is going

Departure procedure

  1. Sign out your child using the record in the foyer
  2. Collect your information exchange day sheet
  3. Look at our daily slideshow to see our program and daily happenings
  4. Collect your child’s bag and belongings
  5. Collect your child
  6. Inform an Amaroo staff member of your departure