Welcome to Maryland Care and Early Education Centre



Maryland Care and Early Education Centre is a 52 permanent place long day care centre with funding from the Department of Family and Community Services.

What does ‘permanent place’ mean? It means that your child has a place in our Centre on the same day of the week, every week, and that place cannot be given to another child (unless your child is away and someone uses their place in their absence.)

As a not-for-profit centre we are focused on your children, not financial returns.

Our centre is community-based and managed by a committee comprised of dedicated parents and community members. The Committee’s role is to ensure the Centre runs effectively and efficiently.

Maryland Care and Early Education Centre operates according to the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority. ACECQA sets out the National Quality Framework, National Regulations, and National Law. Our educator to child ratio is above the required standard and our staff exceed the required education level ratios.

DSC_3580The Centre creates a Quality Improvement Plan each year, which targets achieving ‘exceeding’ ratings in the seven quality areas of the National Quality Standard:

  • QA1- Educational program and practice
  • QA2- Children’s health and safety
  • QA3- Physical environment
  • QA4- Staffing arrangements
  • QA5- Relationships with children
  • QA6- Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • QA7- Leadership and service management

 Our Centre was assessed in July 2013 and we received ‘Meeting the National Quality Standard’ for QA1, 2, 3, 6 and 7, and ‘Exceeding the National Quality Standard’ for QA4 and 5.